The issue of sexualized violence and inherent misogyny in our culture is so deeply pervasive, it can become overwhelming to even begin to break down cultural norms and recognize sexualized violence for what it is. It requires a lot of courage and introspection into our own behavior and that of those we love and respect.

The below list will get continuously longer as the days and weeks progress. It’s very easy to get “rape culture fatigue,” so I implore you to read and learn and educate yourselves for the safety of us all but to do so in manageable chunks. Otherwise, one can be so overwhelmed that shutting this out and burying one’s head in the sand seems like a great idea.

Please help us make this a safe community for everyone. Care for yourself and reach out for support when needed.

Basic Rape Culture and Meet the Predators

Boundary Violations, i. e. Sexual Assault and Rape, the spectrum

O. M. Grey’s Articles on Rape, Rape Culture, and Rape Recovery

Outing Rapists & Other Predators: Name and Shame