Living with C-PTSD

Yesterday I got a wonderful email from a young man thanking me for the disclaimer on this site. It made my entire week. Since killing off O. M. Grey back in 2014, I haven’t tended to this blog, but I left it up for the information on rape culture. It pleases me to no end that people still come here!

While I might post a blog here from time to time, most of the blogging I do now is on my personal site I’ve written a memoir about living with C-PTSD, surviving sexual assault, and the breakdown of my marriage by traveling as a tech nomad and an international petsitter. It will hopefully be out in the next year or so.

In the meantime, please consider following my blog, where I’ll be writing a lot about living with C-PTSD, surviving trauma, and finding ways to deal (and heal).

Thank you for reading. May you find peace.

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