In Solidarity at Silver Goggles

Thank you so much for this, JHA. Thank you, too, for your friendship and continuing support.


One could say our entire community is made out of fringes, but I think this incident, as well as others, demonstrates just how entrenched most of us in the community are within the larger society; we even swallow their norms and values. Let’s be honest, most of us are in for the shiny. Women still cannot escape rape culture even in steampunk. We may feel slightly safer because we can wear underwear on the outside without necessarily subjecting ourselves to objectifying repercussions and because our men for most part wrap themselves up in the costume and mannerisms of “gentlemen”.
But let’s not be complacent about the fact that we are safe. Let’s not pretend that we are in an alternate dimension where predators don’t exist.

Read the rest here.

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Filed under Hope, Misogyny, Objectification, Rape Culture, SFF Conventions

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